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I'm back.

2015-04-05 12:17:17 by DweebyHawkeyes

Or was I ever here?

So forever ago I said I had acquired CS2 and promptly afterward I didn't do a thing with it. So! The past coupla days I've been putzing around with digital painting, and hopefully will have something presentable soon. In progress right now is a boring white chick with a fairy, nothing special. I've tried everything from oils to whittling and this is legitimately the most difficult medium I've ever used and I have renewed respect for all y'all Newgrounds artists out there! MWAH


2011-10-16 23:52:48 by DweebyHawkeyes

I found a copy of Adobe CS2 on sale for cheap. I am playing around with Photoshop at the moment. So far, I prefer using the traditional stuff to the digital but we'll see where experimentation takes me. I do love the look of digital; Newgrounds is just full of talented digital artists.

Hello Newgrounds

2011-10-05 22:50:10 by DweebyHawkeyes

My art presence on the internet has thus far been mostly nonexistant, so I'll attempt to post some art here and hopefully get feedback. I'm not incredible but I would love to be incredible!